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November-CRAFTART FESTIVAL-November 17-18( Saint Petersburg)

December- Vero Beach Riverside Park

November 8-9

January-Downtown Dunedin-

January 5-6


Debra Baraoidan-Artist

Each tile is handmade.  I work with two clay forms: high fire clay pottery that is fired in a kiln and polymer clay that is baked in an oven.

The baked tiles allow me the opportunity to add embellishments such as fresh water pearls, turquoise, Swarovski crystals, and pieces of jewelry.  I combine my clay work into one of a kind mosaics by incorporating

glass tiles, semi-precious gems, glass beads, and natural stones.

Show Dates

Original Hand Crafted Art

Each piece is an original and can not be duplicated exactly as you see it.  Please contact me if you would like a custom mosaic, special order, or home project.

latest work

Natureheart Clay Creations