This is a pet memorial.  It includes a plaster of paris paw print from the vetenerian as well as a slate tile photo in the center.  The slate tile can be ordered online at a company like "Picture it on canvas" and sent directly to my studio.

This is a memory piece created from heirloom treasures that I have saved from my Dad.  You can send me family heirlooms such as jewelry, tie tacs, medals, and stones.  I will add any sayings, words, or dates that are meaningful to you.

A motorcycle themed custom order.  I have created individual tiles that reflect special dates and places visited by my clients. 

This is a fundraiser piece I created for Helping Hands Pet Rescue.  I can work with any theme or hobby to create a one of a kind unique gift.

This is a custom order using a slate tile in the center.  You can order a slate tile at Picture It On Canvas.  You will have the tile shipped directly to my studio.  I will add any words, sayings, and theme that you would like to surround your photo. I have completed wedding and anniversary orders using this method.

This is a custom order memory piece.  My customer gave me her mom's jewelry and I incorporated it into my tiles.

Natureheart Clay Creations